Solving the continuum of care puzzle. Goodbye silos!

The VIZI® Difference

We believe that healthcare does not need to be fragmented. VIZI® helps disparate care teams communicate and collaborate on a unified platform to better serve patients on their journey from the hospital back home.

Our private healthcare cloud and enterprise mobile applications deliver small data—timely, insightful and actionable—to close gaps-in-care that link multi-disciplinary teams across the care continuum.

We start where EHRs stop, at the point of discharge from the hospital. Pertinent data follows the patient to the step-down facility, where an in-network physician is waiting to take over treatment direction and prescribing authority. Using simple, secure, mobile tools, we help supervising physicians quickly assess and record functional deficits around these dimensions:

  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Health Management
  • Physical Performance
  • Functional Independence
  • Support Systems
  • Lifestyle and Habits

When the patient is ready to be discharged, VIZI® helps to create a goal-directed plan of care and facilitates the flow of data within the care plan to in-network home healthcare providers. Utilizing the VIZI® enterprise cloud, these community care providers are now on a unified platform with the supervising physician, and any meaningful change in condition or failure to progress to goals can be noted in real time. This means that gaps and lapses in care are far less likely to result in a return to acute care or a readmission.

At VIZI®, we understand that the promise of IT comes from the realization that technology must augment the skills of human caregivers in an organic, collaborative, and ambient way for seamless workflow integration. To that end, we fill the sweet spot between so called “killer apps” and expensive, additional layers of care.

Clinically collaborative. Virtually integrated. VIZI®.


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