Virtually Integrated
Clinically Collaborative

An asset light solution to improving the patient experience


Introducing the “Virtual Integrated Delivery Network” The vIDN®

Our private healthcare cloud and enterprise mobile applications link medically complex patients with their disparate care teams to help close gaps in care. The result? An asset light solution to improving the patient experience.

An integrated delivery network (IDN) is a system of providers and facilities intended to function cohesively across a continuum of care to service patient needs. Typically, the IDN is created and owned by a single entity, and services include the spectrum from acute care to home health.

It’s a great concept, but an expensive one. Keeping with VIZI®’s mission of smarter, cost effective healthcare through the thoughtful application of technology, we’ve created the Virtual IDN (vIDN®). By allowing all stakeholders to collaborate on a unified platform, VIZI® enables health systems, through a leveraged workforce, to have the visibility and accountability of an IDN without the heavy cost burden, so everyone wins—patients, payers and providers alike.

The VIZI® vIDN® helps our health system partners leverage high performing clinical networks and link patients with the multi-disciplinary teams that service their post-acute care ecosystem. The result? Improved outcomes and quality of life for medically complex patients without carrying the cost burden of heavy assets.


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