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Communication, Coordination & Collaboration

Medically complex patients have unique needs. While being cared for by multiple providers from different organizations such as the hospital, the skilled nursing facility and the home, patients experience a variety of treatments and clinical observations. Unfortunately, data gathered in each individual environment does not always reach the next care team. Attempts at communication, coordination, and collaboration are hindered. The result? Higher costs and fragmented care.

The VIZI™ Difference

We believe healthcare doesn’t have to be fragmented. VIZI helps disparate care teams communicate and collaborate on a unified platform to better serve patients on their journey from the hospital back home.

Our private healthcare cloud and enterprise mobile applications deliver small data—timely, insightful and actionable—to close gaps-in-care that link multi-disciplinary teams across the care continuum.

Anchored by an innovative business model that allows all participants to win in the new value-based world, VIZI creates the virtual integrated delivery network (vIDN™)—an IDN without the heavy assets or cost burden.

Better Care. Lower Cost. VIZI.

Mobile Solutions

We build mobile tools that allow all caregivers in the post-acute environment to collaborate and communicate to best serve patients on their journey back home.