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Clinical and Financial Integration...made easy

VIZI is a system of care that allows you to efficiently stay connected with your high-cost members, surround them with best-in-class integrated care teams and collect & share critical, clinical and non-clinical member data, in real time, to ensure your populations receive the care they need.

The VIZI® Difference

VIZI is a system-of-care (SOC) that provides clinical, operational and financial integration to delegated risk providers focused on enhancing medical home performance under alternative payment models.  With an episodic focus and understanding of the member’s chronic needs, VIZI curates all vendor services to ensure both the level of care and the frequency of care are clinically appropriate through the care continuum.

By leveraging your existing technology and care coordination investments, VIZI helps solve the problem of caring for chronically ill populations by bringing integrated and coordinated physician and multi-disciplinary team management across different silos throughout the continuum of care.

Scalable low cost applications across your markets

Embedded within VIZI®’s comprehensive medical home system of care is a sophisticated technology backbone that allows you to scale your multi-disciplinary care team and integrate them within a curated network of providers.  The result is a truly connected care with extended provider teams that ensure member’s needs are met before expensive escalations.